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TAdvWiiProgressBar is a set of functions, collections, components, and demos to help create Windows TAdvWiiProgressBar's, gauges, and sections.TAdvWiiProgressBar provides 2 gauges as free components: TAdvWiiTickDotGauge and TAdvWiiDialGauge. They are based on the gauge designs from TAdvWiiBar. They are intended to be used together. TAdvWiiDialGauge is a simpler but still customizable gauge. TAdvWiiTickDotGauge is a somewhat more complex, but very distinctive, gauge.Support for the VLC TMS Image Controls Pack.Two types of progress bars: TAdvWiiProgressBar's, gauges, and sections:TMS Image Controls Pack has a set of components and demos to help create Windows images, reflections for text and images, text blocks, and everything about them. The packages are for personal use only and are sold only in quantities of 1. The developers of TAdvWiiProgressBar kindly notified us that TMS Image Controls Pack has been discontinued, however, it's provided for those who are interested in its components and demos for the future.Examples:Creating a progress bar with the appearance of a Wii dashboard.Creating a variable-speed gauge for Windows TAdvWiiProgressBar's.Creating a counter for TAdvWiiProgressBar's.Creating a progress bar and showing a countdown time.Drawing a hands-drawn pattern using a background image and a stylized TAdvWiiProgressBar's section.Displaying a mirror image of text, like that in the Wii's dashboard.Providing the ability to swap gauges and sections.Creating a gauge with a distinctive appearance.Adding labels and text to a TAdvWiiProgressBar's gauge.Previewing a Vista progress bar.Creating a VLC TMS Image Controls Pack gauge.Creating VLC TMS Image Controls Pack sections.Creating a dial gauge based on TAdvWiiDialGauge.Creating a stylized gauge with a Windows appearance.Adjusting VLC TMS Image Controls Pack gauges to fit the desired look.Adjusting a TAdvWiiProgressBar's to fit the desired look.Creating a TAdvWiiProgressBar.Creating a TAdvWiiProgressBar's section.TMS Image Controls 08929e5ed8

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