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The Bone Collector (1999) [BRRip 720p] [Dual Audio] [Hin-Eng] TriZy rexarand




A: If the audience knows what's going on, then the sound works. If they don't, they're not going to care. However, I would recommend against trying to eliminate sound in a fictional movie. A film is designed to follow the scene, so if you wanted to show that the scene was being filmed, then I'd suggest putting down a camera. Since there's no sound, you might have problems for the film to be played. Q: JQuery dataTables load()ing empty table I am trying to load a JSON data into dataTables. I keep getting an empty table (no error in the console). I can see it because I set the dataTable to display:none and display:block at the end of the function. When I remove the dataTable.fnOpen() from the function I get the expected result. I am using the demo from this question: JQuery DataTables and JSON loading My table: Type Model Status Color Notes VehicleID Function: function loadData(query) { var myUrl = ""; $.getJSON(myUrl, query, function (data) { var table = $("#all-for-vehicle"); var init = false; if (!init) {



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The Bone Collector (1999) [BRRip 720p] [Dual Audio] [Hin-Eng] TriZy rexarand

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